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November 23, 2012

What 'Wreck-It Ralph' Can Teach Us About Life

Every animated child's movie has some sort of moral to the story. Generally they are predictable and revolve around the basic things that we teach our kids about good guys always winning and bad guy always losing in the end. But "Wreck-It Ralph" has more.

"Wreck-It Ralph" is the story of an arcade video game character. He is the bad guy who wrecks everything in sight so that "Fix it Felix," the hero and namesake of the game, can fix it. The game ends with Felix always getting a medal for his good deeds. It takes us behind the scenes, when the arcade closes, and the characters "come to life" and socialize with other arcade game characters before getting back to the roles that they have to play the next morning when the arcade opens. But even though they are not "on stage" for the gamers, the characters still distain Ralph and love Felix.

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