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September 22, 2012

Rumor Patrol: LEGO Sets Reveal Potential ‘Man of Steel’ & ‘Iron Man 3′ Spoilers

Today, however, there is a new Man of Steel rumor that is rather outlandish, involving the possible revelation of a “secret villain” who could appear in the film alongside Boardwalk Empire star Michael Shannon, who will play rogue Kryptonian, General Zod. The same source also has information that hints at certain big moments in Iron Man 3, including the “big baddie” showdown.

Screen Crush picked a few details out of a Brickset rundown of upcoming LEGO movie tie-in sets. Toy merchandise has been spoiling superhero movie secrets for a while now (see: the Amazing Spider-Man toy set), so this comes with little shock or awe; as often as toy sets reveal things that filmmakers and studios have yet to show onscreen, tie-in toy lines just as often diverge from their film inspirations, offering set pieces, characters, costumes, etc. that the film itself does not. Such is the case here, with this LEGO set description list below (via Brickset):

read more (superman hoodie):