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December 19, 2012

Mazda Announces Innovative New Skyactiv Technology

2014 Mazda6 will be first model equipped with efficiency-boosting technology.

Mazda has just released some intriguing details about its new fuel economy-boosting system known as Skyactiv. As a certified Mazda dealer in Tinley Park, Community Mazda is pleased to keep its customers informed on the development and implementation of these new technologies. This latest release pertains to a unique braking system that is called i-ELOOP that is slated to debut on the 2014 Mazda6.

The new i-ELOOP system is an innovative new way to help improve the efficiency of modern engines. The system is unique in both its design and in the fact that it incorporates an Electric Double Layer Capacitor that is commonly found in wind turbines. Energy is first recaptured by the regenerative brakes and then sent to a voltage alternator that charges the EDLC. The EDLC then sends the energy to a DC voltage convertor and then it is used to either charge the battery, power the vehicle’s electrical components, or both.

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